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January- April; Monday at 1:30 PM; MPH - C

Maintain and stimulate your brain with selected activities to keep your memory and mind in tip-top shape.



October to April; 2nd Wednesday of the month; MPH - C

Plan and participate in overnight trips to local sights and parks in your recreation vehicle.
Enjoy the camping under the wide Arizona sky.




November-December; 7:00 PM 2nd Sunday of the month; MPH

January – March; 7:00 PM 2nd& 4th Sunday of the month; MPH

Be a presenter or part of the audience to see the sights and enjoy of the stories of exotic or not so exotic places members have traveled in the US, Canada and the world.



1st & 3rd Wednesday, 10:00 AM; Suite 1

Writers of all forms join a community of like-minded individuals to test out ideas, share work and provide mutual support. This is a supportive, fun group of established and beginning writers sharing ideas, encouraging projects and providing information. Open to homeowners and renters.